BLOG TOUR: Reckless Abandon (November Blue #2) by Andrea Randall (review + giveaway)


From goodreads: This is the second book in the November Blue series.

November Harris is lost. After a failed romance with musician Bo Cavanaugh, Ember is left struggling to regain her true self. The problem is, Bo won’t go away and Ember’s stance is firm—she doesn’t want him back.

Adrian Turner, Ember’s ex-boyfriend-turned confidant, is patient with her heartbreak, but he can’t hold back his own feelings forever.

As she sorts through her past, in an effort to plan a solid future, Ember will find that sometimes even the best laid plans bow to the soul’s desire for reckless abandon.

I have to touch on Ten Days of Perfect before I get into Reckless Abandon.  I had some concerns with the first book but not many.  My biggest concern about the book was the insta-love between November and Bo.  I always struggle with love at first sight because somehow it just doesn’t ring true.  The other issue I had with it was the “big reveal”.  I waited almost the entire book to find out what the big secret was and when I did, I felt disappointed…it felt anticlimactic.  With that being said, the writing is absolutely stellar.  It almost felt poetic and that helped me overlook some of the issues I had with the overall story.  Also, the characters were believable and likeable and I found myself looking forward to what would happen next which brings me to Reckless Abandon!

“Sorrow is the darkest, most intense form of passion hidden in the recesses of the human spirit.”

Reckless Abandon is a fabulous story.  It picks up where it left off and the push and pull that was not present in the first book, made its grand entrance in book two!  November is an absolute train wreck over the turn of events with Bo which leads to a love triangle of sorts and obviously, that complicates everything.  November is a heroine that every book should strive to have because she’s so fierce and stubborn and I love that she’s not weak or submissive.  She’s gutsy, whether I agree with her choices or not she’s a force to be reckoned with.

Bo is still perfect.  He suffered in book 2 that will make your heart-break a thousand times over.  What he goes through, no one should ever go through.  Like EVER.  Those moments that are filled with pain left me feeling and thinking, what just happened?  I even turned back a page or two to make sure I didn’t misread anything.  Nope.  Andrea Randall knew exactly what she was doing and she did it brilliantly because you won’t see it coming from a mile away.  It’s all about the element of surprise and that it did…it didn’t surprise me, it floored me!  It will make you love Bo even more!!

Andrea Randall wrote a flawless and fluid story, one that is filled with depth and the characters are feisty but yet, relatable.  All the characters in this series have earned their spot in my heart and I’m not likely to forget them anytime soon.

“He fills my thoughts, my dreams, and my nightmares. The memory of him, and his touch, pound on the door to my soul with such force that cracks are forming in the wood. I do my best to act like no one is home by keeping the door locked and the lights off.”

I’m not sure why I waited so long to read Ten Days of Perfect but the timing couldn’t have been better because I got to read both books back to back.  If you are looking for a new series to read with flawless writing, look no further and you can thank me later.  ;)  Yes, they are that good!



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Reckless Abandon (November Blue, #2)

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