Every Which Way by Calia Read

Every Which Way (Sloan Brothers, #1)

From goodreads: Severine Blake has seen far too many friends taken down in the crossfires of dating. She devises a precise course of action to protect her heart. The plan is working very well…until she meets Thayer and Macsen.
When the Sloan brothers come into her life, nothing is the same.

Thayer is self-possessed, arrogant and used to getting what he wants. Being near him leaves Severine unsteady and shaken. He makes her question everything.
Macsen contradicts his brother in every way. His calm personality captivates her. Severine is drawn to him instantly.
But Severine quickly discovers that when you want something, that want can turn wicked. Giving in is not always easy, especially when your heart refuses to give up the fight.

What little illusion of love Severine has is soon destroyed. Every option is broken, and the protection she has built around her heart instantly crumbles.

There’s just no right way with the Sloan brothers.

My hope is for this review to give as little as possible away but enough to entice you to buy it!

I absolutely love this book!  I love the characters, I love the plot and I love the writing style!  It’s simply fantastic!  As much as I loved it, the first few chapters were a struggle but not because the story was slow or the dialogue didn’t flow but because I had a hard time connecting to Severine.  I would say, somewhere after I was done with approximately 17% of the book…something happened and yes, it was the spark I needed.  Everything else, pure reading magic!

Severine is the gal that is afraid to truly love. Why? She’s a product of her environment and ultimately that shaped her into her protective cocoon.   She has a razor-sharp tongue and always has her game face on BUT that makes her incredibly appealing to the Sloan Brothers, Macsen and Thayer.  Of course Severine thinks she has these two incredibly handsome men pegged and so the love triangle begins.

Macsen and Thayer are like yin and yang, each are delicious but different in every other sense.  Severine is attracted to both but she feels a connection to only one and she decides to play it safe.  Does playing it safe mean your heart can’t break?

I really thought I had this book figured out and I was so way off base that it wasn’t even funny!  I totally fell for the wrong Sloan Brother!  Who am I kidding, I fell for both of them!  How did I not see any of the drama that was unfolding before me coming from a mile away???  GAH!!!  That’s what makes this book so damn good because it’s just that…you don’t have a clue with what’s about to happen next.  It’s the element of surprise that I am always preaching about!!!

While there isn’t a cliff-hanger there is someone who is introduced during the Epilogue that is gearing you up for Breaking the Wrong, the second book in the series.  Whoever this person is, I don’t think I will like her.  I’m just sayin’.   I know I shouldn’t be talking about the second book but I’ll tell you anyway what I am hoping for… I’m hoping it tackles the Sloan Brother that left me wanting more because sometimes the dark and broken need love too.

“But this feeling with him…Severine closed her eyes and drank the moment in. Some things didn’t come naturally for Severine. Yet, right now, it all flowed perfectly. This moment was written before it had ever begun. It was meant for her.”

My final two cents: If you are on the fence about reading this book, don’t be because I can promise you that it’s totally worth reading.  ;)

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