Indebted by Amy Bartol

Indebted (The Premonition, #3)
I hang my head in sorrow for just a moment when I know I am truly alone. I feel like I’m going to my execution, just as he had said. Then I move forward again. I hop a fence of fieldstone and cross a field dotted with Queen Anne’s lace. Goose bumps rise on my arms as I pass the cluster of windmills that I have seen in a dream. The scent is sweet in the field though, not the scent of heat, like it had been when it was forced upon me in visions. I gaze down the hill, beyond the small, whitewashed house that I knew would be there. The church looms dark and grim with its rough-hewn, timber façade, capped by tall, oblong spires reaching to the sky. Black, ominous clouds have collected above the roofline, as if Heaven is showing me the way.

Amy Bartol keeps out-doing herself with each book and just when I think it’s impossible to get any better, it does!!

There is much more drama and action, and yes, it all stems from Evie leaving Reed!  Really?  Did she not get it the first time?  But noooooo, she had to save Russell!  I swear Russell is going to be the death of me!  And by saving him, she made a deal with Brennus.  That’s right, he was all up in her grill and I loved every minute of it!!

During her time with Brennus she realizes that she does care for him and craves him but not exactly in the same way she does Reed. It’s different.  She has both of their blood within her and she’s connected to each of them.  The love she has for Brennus is dark and I’m not quite sure that I can explain it without reciting the entire book!  But this might help…

“How can I possibly describe what I feel for you, Brennus?” I ask, shaking my head and feeling the painful ache inside of me.  “This isn’t like the love I have felt before.  Whatever it is, it’s painful.  If this is love, then I love you the way creatures like us ought to be loved – secretly and unwillingly, within the dark shadow between my heart and soul.”

Is that heart breaking or what??  The sad part of all of this is, Brennus is madly in love with her and he’s willing to sacrifice his own life for her.  That’s totally bad-ass and swoon worthy!  I’ve fallen madly in love with Brennus and secretly I was rooting for him too.  Go ahead and gasp…I’m not ashamed to admit that Brennus is my new book boyfriend!  Don’t get me wrong, I love Reed too but there is something dangerous and alluring about the King of Gancanagh!  Hell, I’ll be his queen any day!

Evie does make her way back to Reed but then there is the whole Russell nonsense that just won’t go away!  UGGHHHH!  What’s made very clear is her love for Reed and how right it feels to be with him.

This is the third book in the Premonition Series and it’s magical. *sigh* My imagination was stretched to the fullest and I was lost in a world that is unlike any other that I have been exposed to.  Not only are there Angels, half-breeds, vampires but there are the Ifrit (shapeshifting demons), Undine…kind of like a mermaid but with webbed hands, Iniqui (a.ka. a demonic soul within a human host) Kevev (a.k.a. ogre), etc…  You combine all of that with an intense romance and it’s simply, undeniably AMAZING!!

I’m Indebted to Amy Bartol for giving the gift of her storytelling and yes, pun intended!  :)

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